Spectrum 27 Silver Award on the Unpublished category
The spoon thief,
Oils on paper on panel. 22,5 x 36 cm (Painted area)
Frame is handmade egg tempera on gold leaf on wood. handcrafted by myself.

It's such a great honor for me to announce that I won A Silver SPECTRUM AWARD on their 27th edition with this piece!
Being Included in the book on my very first submition to them would have already been a win to me, but not in my best dreams would have I considered being one of award winners!. for this I am highly thankful to the judges. I consider myself a very lucky one!
I know this piece is not of the general public taste, but I'm really happy about this being my first spectrum contribution, as It is one of my favourite works till date, and also One of the most personal paintings I have done so far.